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Natural Contact Lenses

With our extensive range of non-prescription natural contact lenses, changing your eye color really is quick, simple, and inexpensive. Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or a complete color switch, our revolutionary multi-tone designs blend with the natural tones of your iris to create stunning eye transformations. We've even made some of them available as prescription natural contacts.

Available in a plethora of colors, including vibrant shades of green, the rarest naturally occurring eye color in the United States (2014 - American Optometrist Association) and blue, arguably the most popular among celebrities including Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West. They also come in shades of grey, brown, hazel, honey, aqua, and violet, so whatever you're after, we've got a pair of natural colored contacts to suit.

Depending on the result you wish to achieve, we have several different natural ranges to consider:

Multi-Tone Natural Contacts – Ranging in intensity from 1 to 3 tones with a clear circular center to ensure uninterrupted vision and lightly defined limbal rings for enhanced depth, our multi-tone FDA approved natural contact lenses have been specially developed to accurately simulate naturally occurring eye colors. Made of medical-grade polymacon with a 38% water content, they've been designed and manufactured to ensure they remain soft and hydrated for maximum comfort and durability throughout their lifespan.

Fusion Contacts – Printed on the same FDA approved lenses, our fusion contacts feature multi-tone blends of complementary colors. For example, our bestselling Fusion Blue & Grey contact lenses feature a vibrant blend of blue and grey tones.

Glamour Contacts – Designed for those looking to achieve a glamorous color switch, our glamour contacts feature strong and vibrant color blends with darker detailing around the limbal ring to create extreme depth.

Contacts – Seen in full, here, our dolly eye contact range is semi-natural (also sometimes referred to as big eyes). Featuring vibrant tones and thick black outer rings, they've been designed to add a splash of color whilst giving your eyes an enlarged and more defined appearance.

How about FDA approved natural contact lenses for dark brown eyes?

Our 3 tone natural contacts feature a highly pigmented blend of color to provide up to twice as much coverage as our 1 and 2 tone ranges which makes them the best fit for dark eyes. Available in options such as our best selling Green 3 Tone as well as Grey 3 Tone and Blue 3 Tone, this range features are most natural looking colored contacts.