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White Contact Lenses

Discover real statement style with our range of white contact lenses. This Halloween, it’s about to get white out crazy. We have a huge range of white color contact lenses that are available as a daily disposable, 90 day or yearly life spans, so whatever your occasion; whether it’s the Halloween party of the year or you’re a regular Cosplay fan we have the white contacts that are perfect for you.

We know you want to impress your friends and have the best fancy dress costume this Halloween. So to take your outfit to the next level and really add a creepy and scary element to your look, white mesh contacts are perfect. These white eyes make you look like you’re blind and are so scary when you see them in real life!

For a bold look, you should choose the white block contact lenses which create a striking and scary glare that’s perfect for any zombie or demon. We also have UV white lenses that glow in the dark when UV light hits your eyes. Can you imagine that at a Halloween rave? Your eyes will literally stand out from all the crowd!

Whatever your natural eye color, our white lenses are made with a strong pigment that covers your natural eyes except for the iris. This means you can wear them comfortably and completely see out of them, yet they totally cover your natural eye color so that the effect is pure white. All of our lenses are FDA approved and safe for you to wear. We have many safety guides and information on how to put your lenses in and take them out on our blog if you are trying color contacts for the first time.

Looking for more Halloween lenses? We've got a huge range on our site.